Large Items

Completing the Large Item Labels

·         Before Market Day, please complete both sections of the Large Item Label. Don’t worry if you don’t have time (or forget!) to do this before the day - we will have labels that you can fill in at the Market.
·         If you don’t know your table number, you can complete this on Market Day. Also, sometimes we need to move people around and/or change table numbers, so your table number may change.
·         Please ensure that the description of the item is the same in both sections.  This helps us with matching up items and is also a good security measure.
·         Putting your Item in the Large Items Area
·         Make sure you bring both sections of the label to the Large Items Area along with your item.  **Each item must have its own label.
·         Reuse It Baby & Kids Market Staff will attach the top label to your item, stamp your receipt and then give the receipt back to you.
·         Please don’t just drop off your Large Item and leave without getting your receipt stamped.  We will not put items on display until they have been processed by a Reuse It Baby Market staff member.
·         It is really important for security purposes that you follow the above process.
·         The Large Items Area will not accept any items after 8:45am.  This is so we have time to arrange the display and do a last minute check to see that all Large Items in the Large Items Area are clean and in working order.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pre-loved items, so your item may be removed from sale if it is dirty or has missing/broken parts.

Selling Your Large Item/s

·         Shoppers will come to your table to purchase your Large Item.  
·         Once you have agreed on a price and they have paid for the item, please give them the receipt that has been stamped by Reuse It Baby & Kids Market staff.  **We will not release the item unless we are given the original stamped receipt.
·         Please advise Reuse It Baby & Kids Market staff in the Large Items Area once your item has sold so that we can remove it from display.  This will stop shoppers coming to you trying to buy an item that you have already sold.

Changing the Price of Your Large Item

·         If you find that you are not getting any enquiries about your Large Item, you may want to review the price.  
·         You can change the price on your Large Item at any time by going to the Large Items Area and changing the price on the label.

Collecting Unsold Large Items at the End of the Day

·         Please collect your unsold items as soon as the Market finishes.