Stallholder Info

1. Help Promote the Market!
2. What to bring
3. Market preparation
4. Large Items

5. Market Day


    WE NEED YOUR HELP to promote the next market! We need our stallholders to assist with getting the word out there. Things that we would love your help with:
    ·         Email the market flyer to your friends, family, mothers group girls, kinder mums & dads, neighbours, etc. to help get the word out. Download the flyer here
    ·         Print out the flyer and hand out the flyer to work colleagues, local shops, kinder/schools, day care, mothers group, community health nurses, etc. Download the flyer here
    ·         Use our Facebook page to help promote your stall to your Facebook friends.
    ·         Follow & retweet us on Twitter - @reuseitbaby


    ·         Sheet or table cloth to place over trestle table
    ·         Marker pens for signage and pricing items
    ·         Blu-Tak and sticky tape for signage on table (not to be placed on any part of building or fixtures)
    ·         Clothing size indicators
    ·         Tubs or baskets for items such as toys, shoes and books to be placed in front of or beside your stall
    ·         Price tags or signage displaying pricing
    ·         Lots of change!! (have at least change of $50 in your float)
    ·         Bags (plastic or paper shopping bags) for selling goods.
    ·         Large item labels PLEASE PRINT THESE OUT!


    It is highly suggested stall holders take time in the weeks prior to prepare items to be sold.
    ·         Laundered and ironed clothing is suggested and placed in a clothing rack for display in size order.
    ·         Clothing racks can be purchase from $14.95 for places such as IKEA, Kmart, Bunning’s, etc.
    ·         If you do not wish to invest in a clothing rack, you are welcome to display items on a clothes airer or on your table but this may also impede the flow of customers.
    ·         Place further items out as you go, do not overcrowd your table. Remember: the more attractive your stall, the more you will sell!
    ·         Stall holders are welcome to price items however you would like to, but remember, you are here to sell, so please price reasonably and be willing to negotiate!
    ·         As a guide, most clothing items should be priced at about $2 - $10.
    ·         Items such as strollers, car seats, bikes, furniture and some toys would obviously incur a higher price tag!


    For Large Items, please being them disassembled and attach a photo to display the item if you would like to. 
    This is due to ease of packing down and customers removing the items easily after the market closes.
    Although this area is staffed by ‘Reuse It Baby & Kids Market’, no responsibility is taken for loss, theft or damage to these items.
    We strongly suggest to list extra items such as rain covers on strollers, etc on your label but keep them at your stall to reduce the possibility of theft.


    ·         The Substation doors open for stall holders @ 7:30am.
    ·         There will be plenty of parking close to the building.
    ·         There is an elevator but there may be a queue.
    ***Bring a trolley***
    ·         The Substation main hall is on the first floor and there is a ramp up to the main entrance. A trolley will be your best friend on the day to cut back the amount of trips to & from your car.
    ·         Have some breakfast or bring it along with you – you'll need as much energy as you can to get you through the set-up, selling, buying & pack-up. You'll deserve a wine after the market and perhaps a nanna nap.
    ·         The Substation Doorways and exits are not to be obstructed in any way.

    ·         Any items placed outside your area will be removed so as not to congest aisles or not comply with building Occupational Health and Safety Requirements.