T's & C's

  1. Stall hire: a centre aisle stall is $45.00, a stall along wall is $55.00 and a double stall is $90.00
  2. Fees include 1 x table, ½ metre space either side of table, chair and area in separate room to sell 4 x large items and liability insurance.  Double stalls include two tables and space for two clothes racks and are ideal for sharing with a friend.  They are also well located. Please note: there is to be no rugs out on floors or items blocking doorways, etc. 
  3. Reuse It Baby & Kids Market is for sale of pre-loved & laundered goods still in re-sellable condition. Related small business product is not to be sold, nor items not related to infants, children or mum’s.  All items must be in full working order.  Please note: you will be liable if you sell any item not in full working order (even if you advise customer of fault), and you are not covered by the insurance of the market if you do so.  Any stall selling items not as advertised, market may have stall holder details passed on for customers to chase up directly.  You may be asked to remove them from sale if these conditions are not met.
  4. Set up time is from 7.30am with market starting at 9:00am sharp.  You have half an hour to pack up after 1:00pm and must have vacated the site by 1.30pm.  **Please refrain from packing up prior to 12:45pm as there are still shoppers up until 1:00pm. 
  5. Please do not attach anything by way of tape, glue, nails, pins, rope, etc to anything related to the building or fixtures.  If any damage is reported in your area, you will be asked to pay for the damage.  Upon completion of the market, you are to remove all rubbish and unsold items, and leave your area as you found it.  There is a charity shop on Kororoit Creek Road, Williamstown North if you would like to donate goods after the event. 
  6. After taking payment for the market stall, no refunds are given.  This includes reasons beyond ‘Reuse It  Baby & Kids Market’ organiser’s control.  Market organisers reserve the right to cancel the market and notify stall holders within 7 days if event is not sold out.  If this occurs, refunds will be issued.  ‘Reuse It Baby & Kids Market’ also reserved the right to book a larger venue if deemed necessary. 
  7. Each stall is allowed 2 people only to sell items on the day.  All other guests will be changed the normal entry fee. 
  8. ‘Reuse It Baby Market’ will not be held responsible for the compliance of laws describing reselling of safety items relating to children.  No electrical or battery operated items are covered under the market liability insurance.  By signing this you agree to be held responsible if you decide to sell such items.  These laws and regulations can be found on the ACCC website (www.accc.gov.au), and should be read and adhered to.  You may also call them on 1300 302 502 to clarify anything not fully understood. 
  9. The stallholder agrees to indemnify ‘Reuse It Baby & Kids Market’ against all claims for damages or injury to the property or person in respect to a claim arising out of negligence on the part of the stallholder or helpers. (In other words – please keep your area tidy and free of obstructions at all times!)  
  10. If for any reason you need to move anything such as table or get an extra chair, etc please ask for assistance with the Reuse It Baby & Kids Market staff as you may be liable for any damages inflicted on the Substation floor, walls, windows, etc whether accidental or otherwise.
  11. If selling large items, they must contain all screws, cord, straps or other items in order for the item to work.  They must be clean and SAFE!  You may be asked to remove items from sale if this is not adhered to as per the ACCC website (www.accc.com.au).